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Babylon Has Fallen (unrecorded)

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Pastor Anthony teaches from Revelation 18
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Jesus tells John…

1. “Write the things which you have seen”

Chapter 1 is past tense

Jesus resurrected and glorified in the midst of the church with a message for the completed church (still in the process)


2.  “And the things which are”

Chapter 2 and 3 are present tense

Representing the historical church, as well as the present church, as well as the church leading to the rapture The church presently is a prophecy being fulfilled


3.  “And the things which will take place after this.” (Metatauta)

Chapters 4 through 22 are future tense

This prophetic word is fulfilled beginning with the rapture of the church


Chapter 4:1 “after these things” (metatuta same as Rev. 1:19)

A door is open in heaven, John (representing the church) is called up


Chapter 4 and 5 - a heavenly scene, church in heaven before the commencement of the Great Tribulation


Chapter 6-19 - describes 7 years of the Great Tribulation


Chapter 19 - concludes with the return of Jesus and the church, and the final battle-Armageddon


Chapter 20 - describes the Millennium 1,000 Year Reign; the Great White Throne; Judgement


Chapter 21 and 22 - God makes a New Heaven and a New Earth and we are forever with the Lord

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